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Performance Stage - Photography - Video - Music 

The focal point of The Music Mall is the Performance Sound Stage, where emerging artists and bands can rehearse perform and live stream. As the music industry keeps developing, artists and bands must keep up with there skills on stage and in the studio. The Music Mall is here to provide a creative space where a network of producers, audio engineers, photographers and industry professionals can help YOU the artist thrive in such an immersive industry

Performance Stage 

As Covid-19 hit, it became harder for musicians and artists to collaborate and of course perform. During these tough times, livestreaming became more popular and is a method in which artists and musicians can reach a larger audience. The Music Mall's performance stage is equipped with all topline equipment required to put on a livestream show for artists and musicians. Multiple fixed cameras with tilt and panning capabilities alongside a mobile cameraman that will help to produce a great show for an online audience to enjoy. Music videos can also be produced, along with any other shows such as comedy and theatrics.

Photography Studio

We have photography studios with Private Dressing/Hair/Makeup Rooms. Use your own photographer or one of our Professionals will take care of your photographic needs. Multicolor backdrops and lighting equipment is provided with different packages to make industry standard social media posts, short clips, headshots and more.


Recording Studio 


In the recording realm we provide producers who will work alongside artists and musicians as audio engineers in the studio. Having a producers ear and guidance is crucial to creating a next hit song and developing an artist in the studio. At the moment there is a C room that can be booked by the hour or day while A & B are under construction.

Collaborative Work Spaces with Flex Desks (Monthly Subscription)

A section where Artists, Writers & Industry Professionals can host meetings and use a flex desk with computer and or Laptop Docking.  


A podcast section for creators and host's to film there podcast with quality audio and video. No need to worry about production and editing, focus on your topics, guests and content.