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Studio Booking Details.

Studio Rental Fees
Photography: Includes Equipment
Videography: Mini
mum of a 2-hour booking is required. (Add $25 for video lights if needed)

Subject to change 

Hourly Rate
1 hr. $100

2 hrs. $150

3 hrs. $190

4 hrs. $240

*Additional time paid for at the end of the Studio Session and billed at $25 per 15-minute increments or any portion thereof if available. Keep in mind that there may be a session starting immediately 

following your booked time slot.

Please tell your photographer or clients to be on time as the session is calculated from the time of the original booking. 

Day Rate
8 Hours $350 

One time use for the day, not to be used in broken time slots such as in the purchase of Block Time.

Large Groups add $5 per person per hour.

Monthly Block Time
10 hrs. $500

15 hrs. $700

20 hrs. $800

*Minimum usage per shoot is 2-hours and to be used by one photographer per block.

*Hours are good for 37 days from date of purchase which includes a

7-day grace period, because we know sometimes things happen.

Studio Description

One of the best assets we provide to you and your client is our exemplary concierge customer service, from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave.
We provide an upscale customer experience, just read our Google reviews.
  • The Large Photography Studio is 500 Square Feet (not including the lounge or editing sections)

  • 12-foot backdrop ceiling height.

  • Standard 9-foot rolls of Savage Paper (White, Black, Grey) included for non-pull or Portrait Shots

  • 180 Square Foot Painted Chroma Green Screen. (15' x 12' high)

  • Dedicated private makeup and changing section.

  • Props: Various props are available at no extra cost or bring your own. 

  • Ground Floor accessible with plenty of street parking.

  • Smoking is permitted on our outdoor patio, conveniently located just steps from the studio.

  • High-Speed WIFI (Verizon Fios) included.

  • Surround Sound blue-tooth speakers included.

  • 65 Inch Flat Screen TV with audio/visual hookups for presentations. (add $25)

  • 50-inch monitor on rollers included if needed (used to showcase photos during a photo shoot)

  • Editing Computer with Adobe CC Suite of 20 plus programs is available at an additional cost.


(2) Godex DP800iii Strobes

(3) Wireless Hotshoe Flash Triggers for Sony, Canon and Nikon 

(2) GVM 560AS Lights ($10 for Videography)

(2) Neewer NL 660 Photo/Video Lights ($25 for the session)

(1) GVM 896s Key Light (included for photography) ($10 for Videography)

(2) 45w 5500k lights with soft diffuser umbrellas (included)

(2) 35w 5500k Floor Lights (included)

(4) 8-foot 72w 5500k Tube Lights emitting at 270 degrees ($10 for Videography)

(6) 25w rgb ip66 Led Lights to add color and creativity (included for Photography if needed)

(2) Neewer Pro 9 ft spring loaded heavy duty light stands (included)

(2) Neewer Pro Heavy-Duty C stands with boom arms (included)

(2) Neewer Pro Heavy-Duty light stands with rolling casters (included)

(3) 9-foot-wide Savage Pro Paper in Black, Grey and White ($20 per color pull only if needed)

Other Available Equipment for Rent

Spotlight Photography: Westcott Optical Spot by Lindsay Adler with 85mm EF Mount Lens

$35 per session and includes the use of over 40 different GoBo patterns.

  • PRECISE LIGHTING CONTROL WITH ENDLESS CREATIVE OPTIONS: Optical Spot by Lindsay Adler is ideal for creating selective lighting, dramatic special effects, subtle textures, and creative patterns on any subject, surface, or background with precise focusing and control.

  • PROJECT COLORS & PATTERNS ON YOUR SUBJECT OR SURFACE: Includes 5 gel filters for adding color.

Need a Photographer?

Please call us at 516-400-6700 and we will match you up with one of our many inhouse Creatives.

Please Call





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